10th Hole

As was announced at the AGM this year the Sunday Competitions will be played in three balls this is to improve the pace of play.

As a result you will be allowed to book a tee time on how did I do two weeks in advance so the present Captains final competition is now available. We do though have to give any spare tee times back to the leisure trust on the Saturday the week before. So it is important that if you intend to play you book your time as early as possible.

The sheets will still be in the blue book so you can still put your name on the sheet and they will be added before it goes live on how did I do. If all of the times are then taken the only way you will be able to play is as a fourball which will start from the last tee time.

I would also like to remind everyone that we play ready golf and it is each groups responsibility to keep up with the group in front not to keep ahead of the group behind.