The club is changing the way it organises competitions so that members can play competitive golf and still adhere to the government’s advice on restricting socialising.

ALL competitions will be on howdidido so you can book a tee time for any club competition. If you do not have access to howdidido you can contact any club council member and they will arrange for a tee time to be booked for you.

Use of the PSI terminal in the visitor’s centre to input scores is suspended.
All sweeps and nearest the pin are suspended so no money is handled.

When playing in a club competition YOU MUST

  • Keep a distance from other players
  • Only pick up your own ball.
  • Do not share any equipment.
  • Leave the flag in the hole.

John Egan will give all members their own supply of score cards – enough to cover the summer competition season.

You must put the competition name and date on your score card.
Put your name & handicap on the card as player A and your marker’s name & handicap as player B
EACH player must complete a card by putting your gross score against player A and your marker’s gross score against player B.
At the end of the round, after agreeing scores, sign the card twice – as both player and marker.
Put the card in the red post box that is located on the fence around the water tower that is on the right hand side of the path from the 18th green.

There will be a delay in publishing the result of a competition – please, be patient.

All these changes will be reviewed as government advice changes.

Club Council
20 March 2020

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